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Kalkan transfer service is very much in demand in our country, especially in summer, as in all tourist resorts. Due to its proximity, especially recently, the Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service has been in great demand. All necessary precautions are taken for the comfort, peace and safe instant travel of people in our company both at the registration stage and after for transportation during your transfers from Dalaman Airport, which is in high demand. To make your Dalaman Kalkan Transfer with our Live Representative, please contact us via Whatsapp.

The easiest, most economical and reliable way of transportation between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan is to use private airport transfer vehicles.

Transportation Information Between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan

The distance between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan is approximately 133 km and the journey time is 1 hour and 40 minutes on average. Travel time varies according to weather conditions and traffic conditions.

With our transfer vehicles for Dalaman Airport Kalkan transportation, you can safely perform your transfers with the cleaning and hygiene measures we have taken. Our vehicles take a 20-minute break between each journey and disinfectant and cleaning processes of our vehicle are carried out so that you can travel safely.

Your airport transfers are protected by Kalkan Vip Transfer as in every journey and are insured free of charge. You can stay safe during your trip.

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Dalaman Airport – Kalkan Transfer Details

Kalkan, located in the west of Antalya province, is a neighborhood of Kaş district. It is one of the touristic places preferred by tourists from England in the summer months. It offers great venues for congresses and business meetings throughout the year for those seeking refreshment.

Domestic and foreign tourists use Kalkan airport transfer services from Dalaman to get to their venues from the airport. Transfer services facilitate the transportation of those who come to visit the historical places of Kalkan or take a vacation.

Airline is the easiest and fastest way of transportation. There are flights to Antalya Airport from many parts of the world and our country. Those who land at Antalya Airport can reach Kalkan by using various transfer services.

Kalkan – Dalaman Airport Transfer Services

There are various historical and touristic areas in Kalkan. Meis Island is one of the most important touristic areas. It is a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists because it has received the Blue Flag Award. Its natural and historical places offer endless beauties to its guests.

It is not difficult to reach these beauties. With the transfer options offered at the airport, Patara Beach, Kaputaş Beach, Sidyma Ancient City, Public Beach and Patara Ancient City can be easily reached.

Vacation times are often limited. It is not right to spend limited time on the roads. Besides wasting time, fatigue will also interrupt your vacation. Transfer services should be used to experience all the beauties of the holiday without getting tired. Kalkan airport transfer services provide transportation from the airport to certain points of the city and from certain points to the airport.

Kalkan Airport Transfer Prices

Transportation to Kalkan by air is also provided from Dalaman Airport. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan is 130 kilometers. You can reach the center and holiday destinations by using public transport from the airport. However, it is a waste of time and is extremely tiring. Since transfer services are used, the centers will be reached much faster and more comfortably.

It is possible to provide transportation from Antalya and Dalaman airports to Kalkan with various services. However, since the shuttles will move at certain hours, it is necessary to wait for a long time. In addition, stopping by the stops to drop passengers will extend the transportation time.

Our Kalkan airport transfer services get our guests to the point they want quickly. We perfect the transportation of our guests by allocating a vehicle with the comfort they demand. Our transfer fees vary according to the vehicles allocated.

The fastest way to get from Dalaman to Kalkan is by taxi or by Mercedes Vito minibus, and you can book an affordable transfer between £50 – £60. It takes 1 hour and 35 minutes to depart from Dalaman to Kalkan.

How long is the transfer from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan?

In other words, the transportation between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan is approximately 133 kilometers. It takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes. You can make an online reservation for a safe transportation opportunity by examining the transfer fees of our company, which provides Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer transportation.

How far is Kalkan from the airport?

Dalaman is the closest airport to Kalkan and is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive away. You can also fly to Antalya Airport, but the journey to Kalkan is longer at around 3 hours. Known as “Mugla Airport”, Dalaman airport is located on the southwest coast of Turkey, 5 km south of Dalaman.

How do I get from Dalaman to Kalkan?

There are two options for transportation from Dalaman airport to Kalkan; You can take a taxi or private transfer or take a public transport bus. The journey to Kalkan city center takes 1 hour and 35 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Kalkan to Kas?

£30 – £40
The fastest way to get from Kalkan to Kas is to taxi which takes 40 minute and costs £30 – £40. How far is it from Kalkan to Kas? The distance between Kalkan and Kas is 35 km.

Transfer from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan

  • Currently, the distance between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan is approximately 121 km. In other words, the transportation from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan takes about 1 hours and 45 minutes.
  • You can make an online reservation for a safe transportation facility by examining the transfer fees of our company, which provides transfer transportation from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan.
  • In general, Dalaman Airport Departure transfer fees include VAT as well as parking fees.
  • Transfers from Dalaman Airport to and from Kalkan transfer area can also be made if desired with our private transfer service.
  • As the vehicles we have are disinfected after each use, transportation is provided in hygienic conditions.
  • Vehicles are waiting for Dalaman Kalkan transfer system with ready-made maintenance.
  • The transfer october, which is experienced in its field, and the transportation service is provided by preferred vehicles to the desired region with drivers and preferred vehicles.
  • In some cases, due to some disruptions caused by the airport during transportation by plane from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan, it may be late to land at the airport. In such cases, our company does not leave its customers in difficulty and provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Kalkan transfer service transportation is carried out without any delays and waiting conditions.
  • We always keep our service quality at the highest level kalkan transfers between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan.
  • You can make a Kalkan transfer service reservation at any time and pay the fee by hand delivery on the vehicles.
  • The transfer vehicles are cleaned after each transfer and become ready for the transfer of new customers.
  • In addition, there is a whatsapp live support line that can be reached 24/7 for detailed information and questions about Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer.

Hotel and Villa Transfer from Dalaman Airport

  • Nowadays, as Dalaman Kalkan Transfer company, we also have transfer services to hotels located in Kalkan.
  • Reservations booked at Kalkan are ready, but if there are people who have problems with transportation, they may prefer our Kalkan transfer service.
  • People who want to transfer to Dalaman Airport Kalkan hotels always receive services at prices that are affordable for them.
  • Along with the prices given per car from the Kalkan hotel transfer, customers are picked up from Dalaman Airport and delivered to the hotels they want again.
  • For customers who wish, a two-way transfer system can also be applied. In this case, both a transfer from Dalaman Airport to the hotel is provided, and a transfer from the hotel to Dalaman Airport is provided.
  • Thanks to the transfer service provided by picking up our customers from the hotel door, they are left with uninterrupted service 24/7 until the Dalaman Airport door.
  • The transfer vehicles that have been disinfected perform immediate and earliest service.
  • Please contact our live representative to privately transfer your location information or which hotel you are in, you can reach out by clicking here.
  • Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service means that people can choose transfer vehicles in the form of going and returning to their destinations.
  • In the two-way transfer service, a transfer must be booked in advance according to the hotel or trip reservation to be visited for the departure and return dates.
  • According to the booking time for the transfer to and from Dalaman Airport, the car will be on standby at Dalaman Airport at full time.
  • For one-way or two-way transfers from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan, you can make a reservation via the online system by filling out the booking form or calling the operation without making any prepayment.
  • Our team is calling you back after requesting a transfer via the Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer website.
  • Free water and soft drinks are provided for transfers from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan or Kalkan Dalaman Airport.
    In addition, facilities such as a baby seat are available for guests with a baby if they wish.
  • Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer or Kalkan Dalaman Airport transfer service strives to ensure that children travel safely, comfortably and comfortably.
  • Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service provides affordable transportation. In order to take advantage of these economic conditions, firstly;
  • For easy transfer between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan, it is possible to get information by calling our operation where you can reach the questions that come to mind for 7 days 24 hours.
  • In general, there is an opportunity to make an online reservation without any prepayment for your economic transfer reservations departing from Dalaman Airport.
  • It is preferable to make transfers from Dalaman Airport in a more economical way. Because if people travel the same distance by taxi, they pay a higher fee.
  • In addition, large vehicles are preferred for crowded families and problems such as keeping two taxis are avoided in a more economical and more comfortable way.
  • The staff who will take the people who will go to Kalkan from Dalaman Airport on domestic flights or at the international terminal will be greeted in a professional manner along with the paper with your name written on it and the company’s sign.

Who Is Suitable For Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer Service?

Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service is a method of transportation that is suitable for people from almost all walks of life. Recently, families, crowded families coming for sightseeing purposes, artists, businessmen and or statesmen have been using our Dalaman Kalkan Transfer services frequently. Kalkan luxury car transfer service is the reason for the choice because it is much safer and more convenient than other means of transportation available today.

Which Vehicles Should be Preferred for Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer?

  • People who will transfer from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan can always choose the vehicles they will travel in transportation services. For this reason, the transfer service is also planned while;
  • The vehicles to be used in the trip should be determined by considering the route of the transfer trip from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan.
  • If this transfer service is to be provided for a business trip or a short-term trip, transfer vehicles with a small volume that can partially go faster may be preferred.
  • The number of people who will travel to Dalaman Airport in Kalkan transfer is usually a very decisive factor. In this context, minibus-type vehicles can be requested for families of 3 and 4 people or excursion groups.
  • When transferring, for excursion groups of 7 and 8 people or for crowded families, minibuses with a long safe with a greater capacity to carry passengers can be requested and a transfer to Kalkan can be made.
  • Finally, Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service, if you are going to travel with a 3-person excursion group or a nuclear family, cars are also always included as a convenient and economical transfer option.

What are the Benefits of Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer Services?

In our country, it is visited a lot in summer or in winter with a transfer service. Dalaman Airport Transfer services provide a lot of benefits to people who are users trips between Kalkan. These benefits are as follows. These;
Firstly, Dalaman Airport Kalkan transportation services make the lives of users easier with more. Because along with these transfer services, users can reach any point in Kalkan from Dalaman Airport where they are located very quickly and easily.
Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer services are very economical according to today’s conditions. In some cases, quite high amounts of money must be paid, such as traveling long distances together with other commercial vehicles, such as a taxi. But along with Kalkan Transfer services, it becomes possible to make quality trips over long distances in an economical way. In this way, users do not pay higher amounts of money than they should pay, and thus they can also travel economically.
Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer service offers a trip that is quite comfortable. Thanks to the vehicles allocated only for your use, you have the opportunity to have a very comfortable trip, no matter how many items you have. In this way, the suitcases and suitcases of the people who are being taken from Dalaman Airport are transported easily.
In some cases, a problem such as people not getting into the car is encountered in some cases because taxi drivers have too much stuff. But there is no such possibility in the transfer services.
According to the excess of belongings and the number of people who will be traveling, allocating a vehicle is also one of the benefits that will be provided by using a transfer service from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan on the way or on the way back.

What Should be Considered When Buying Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer Services?

Currently, the following issues should be paid attention to when receiving Dalaman Kalkan Transfer services for the first time.
Transfer service for holidays; In this transfer service, a family trip from Dalaman Airport will be carried out for sightseeing and or vacation purposes, and depending on this situation, if the number of luggage is large when disembarking from the plane, vehicles with a fairly high volume should be preferred.
Transfer service for business travel; In this transfer service, a vehicle equipped with technological equipment to provide transfer services from Dalaman Airport makes the journey comfortable. For issues that may be needed during the trip, such as television, laptop, food and beverage, internet connection details during the trip, you can get detailed information from our company before booking.
Transfer service for airport transportation; This transfer service is the most preferred transportation service for two-way transportation. Dalaman Airport Transfer services, which are preferred by people who want to catch a plane on, businessmen and families with children or crowded, are among the most preferred transfer options.
Professional chauffeur service; In this transfer service, you may need the latest luxury vehicles used by professional chauffeurs for Dalaman Airport. In particular, when choosing transfer services, the following points should also be paid attention to.

What is the Transfer Service?

In general, transfer services are in demand by many people. Nowadays, the transfer service refers to the quality service provided for the purpose of taking people from their current points and taking them to any point they want. Many people in our country prefer VIP transfer services for a variety of reasons. Transfer services, especially over long distances or from the airport, can always be life-saving for people. Especially Dalaman Airport Kalkan transfer services are preferred because they make you feel very comfortable and vip. In this way, it is becoming common both for holiday and business purposes to get Dalaman Kalkan Transfer service with confidence in an even more economical way.
Thanks to the Dalaman Airport Kalkan Transfer system, our drivers who carry out the transportation process always stick to the traffic rules and provide a friendly approach. In addition, it should be known that car drivers have foreign language competencies that they can speak well and understandably if they wish for our foreign guests.

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