Kaş Guide: Where is Kaş and How to Get to Kaş?

Kaş Guide: Where is Kaş and How to Get to Kaş?

“Discover the enchanting beauty of Kaş with our comprehensive guide! Learn about the stunning Mediterranean town’s location and find essential tips on how to get to Kaş effortlessly. Plan your perfect escape to this Turkish gem with Kaş Guide!”

Where is Kas with the comprehensive Kas guide of Kalkanviptransfer.com, How to Go to Kas? We answer your questions. Distances, vehicles, transportation times and more for the journey from Antalya and Dalaman to Kaş are waiting for you in our Kaş guide!

Information About Kas

Where is Kas? The questions that those who want to go to Kaş and spend their holidays in Kaş, seeing the charming boutique hotels and seafront villas with private pools in Antalya’s Kaş district, always ask, where is Kaş? How to get to Kas? And where does Kaş belong?

With its location on the western border of Antalya and its significant contributions to the tourism sector in Turkey, Kaş is among the most visited destinations by those who come to Antalya for vacation, both from home and abroad.

If you are asking where the Kas is connected; Kaş is connected to the province of Antalya and is a famous tourism center in the Mediterranean Region, attracting great attention with the concept of summer vacation in a villa.

Famous for its quality entertainment culture, holiday opportunities intertwined with nature and the beaches of the Mediterranean with extraordinary beauty, those who want to go to Kaş district of Antalya are most curious; “How to get from Antalya airport to Kaş?”, “How many kilometers from Antalya to Kaş?”, “How long does it take from Antalya to Kaş?” and those who will go to Kaş from Dalaman Airport, “How to get from Dalaman to Kaş?”, “How many kilometers from Dalaman to Kaş?”, “How many hours from Dalaman to Kaş?” The most correct answer to many questions in the form of awaits you in the Kaş guide of Kalkanviptransfer.com.

In our guide, which we have prepared for those who want to spend their summer vacation in Kaş, we have included Antalya Kaş directions, distances to Kaş, vehicle options from Antalya to Kaş, places to visit in Kaş, which has a magnificent holiday geography, and places to visit where you must have a square photo. You will gain access to a lot of valuable information about In our Kas guide, we have not forgotten those who come to Dalaman Airport and want to go to Kas from there. Within the scope of our guide, you will find the Dalaman Kas road map and directions, as well as the vehicle options from Dalaman to Kas.

If you are ready, let’s first start with the information about the location of Kaş, one of the charming tourism centers of Antalya, and its location from many different perspectives.

Kaş Guide: Where is Kaş and How to Get to Kaş?

Where is Kas?

Kaş is a town located in the westernmost part of Antalya and connected to Antalya. At the same time, Kaş, which is on the westernmost border of the Mediterranean region, is neighbor to the Elmalı district of Antalya in the northeast. To the east of Kaş is the Finike district of Antalya, and to the southeast is the Demre district of Antalya. The southern and southwestern parts of Kaş are the Mediterranean coastline. Kaş district of Antalya is adjacent to Muğla province in the west and north.

If we want to describe where Kaş is from a historical perspective; Kaş is at the intersection of the Ancient Carian Way, also known as the longest walking route in our country, and the Historical Lycian Way, which dates back to the Lycian period.

Where should we say Kas on the map of Turkey Kaş is a town located on the border of Antalya, the westernmost city of the Mediterranean coastline, where it meets the Aegean Sea and the Aegean Region lands. Again on the map, Kaş is located 1.07 nautical miles (approximately 2 km) north of Meis Island, which is within the Greek territorial waters of the Mediterranean.

Where is Kas and its importance in terms of Turkish tourism? Kaş, known as Turkey’s holiday paradise, is a charming town that stands out especially with its villa tourism and offers accommodation options in villas with stylish designs. It is an important tourism center located within the borders of Antalya, where you can stay in villas with private pools, with magnificent Mediterranean views to the east, west and north, with world-famous blue flag beaches stretching along the length of the Mediterranean in the south.

Among the local people of Kaş, the name of the district  is pronounced as Andifli , and it is also referred to by this name in the historical and cultural geography of Antalya. Kaş is also an important town in the Antalya part of the Turkish Riviera, with its geographical location on the Teke Peninsula of the Mediterranean Region.

Kas Directions

1. Antalya Kas Road and Directions

If you have come to Antalya by plane or by land,  you have the option of Antalya-Kaş road with two alternatives to get to Kaş from here The most preferred Kas road is the way you can reach Antalya’s Mediterranean southern coastline by assuming it. We will describe this route below. The second option is to reach Korkuteli district by departing in the northwest direction of Antalya city centre, and you can reach Kaş by following the Elmalı district road to the south of here. Now, let’s talk about Antalya Kas directions in more detail with both alternative road options.

1.1 Antalya-Kas Coastal Road

Going from Antalya to Kaş by choosing the coastal road will be a very enjoyable trip and full of fascinating landscapes. One of the most frequently asked questions by those who prefer the Mediterranean coastal road is how is the Antalya Kas road? The most correct answer to this question is that the road is quite curved, but it is safe as it has sufficient width. During your journey, you will encounter the Mediterranean on your left and a colorful and fascinating nature on your right arm.

Now, let’s explain to those who prefer the coastal road, which route they should follow step by step, within the scope of our Antalya Kaş directions:

When you want to take the road from the coast, the distance between Antalya and Kaş is 189 km. If you say how many hours it will take from Antalya to Kaş by following this road, you will reach Kaş from Antalya with a 3-hour journey from the coastline.

– Wherever you are in Antalya, first of all you have to start moving in the direction of Kemer district in the south. For this, take the D400 highway, leave Konyaaltı behind, follow the signs for Kemer and proceed in the south direction. On the way from Antalya to Kaş, you will first arrive in Göynük and then in Kemer.

– When you reach Kemer, your second destination should be the Kumluca district of Antalya in order to get to Kaş from here. From Kemer, by following the D400 road and the markers on this road, you reach Camyuva in the south, and from there in the west, leaving Ulupınar behind, and reaching Kumluca. On the Kas road, it is a somewhat mountainous but safe and wide road between Kemer and Kumluca.

– After reaching Kumluca, your next destination points on the D400 highway from the coastline will be Antalya’s Finike and Demre districts, respectively. By following the traffic signs, you will first proceed in the south and then in the west direction and you will reach Finike. Then again from Finike, you will be able to reach Demre in a short time by going west on the D400 on the coast.

– After a 2 hours and 20 minutes journey between Antalya and Demre, if you are asking how many kilometers from Kaş to Demre to complete your transportation, you have a short 40-minute journey and 45 kilometers from Kaş Demre remain. Along the way, you will be able to reach Kaş accompanied by enchanting landscapes.

1.2 Antalya-Kaş: Korkuteli Elmalı Highland Road

The second alternative Antalya-Kaş road, also called the plateau road, is the road you will reach Kaş by proceeding from the highland areas of Antalya instead of the sea view. If you want to have a cool travel experience, especially in the summer heat, you can choose the transportation alternative from Antalya to Kaş via the plateau road, provided that you travel in forested areas, in a nature with plenty of oxygen. However, there is an important point that you should not forget. Traveling to Kaş by choosing the highland road takes a little longer when compared to going from the coastline.

Now, by following the plateau road, let’s move on to Antalya Kaş directions in the light of the routes we have explained step by step:

With the plateau road option, the journey from Antalya to Kas takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. However, the traffic density here, the narrowing in some parts of the road, the average speed of your vehicle, the possible breaks you will take on the road and the rainy or clear weather depending on the season you will go may extend the duration of your journey to Kaş. Using the mountainous and forested plateau road, if you ask how many kilometers between Antalya and Kaş, you will be able to travel 211 km in total and reach Kaş from Antalya.

– In order to reach Kas from Antalya via the plateau route, first choose the D400 road and proceed until the Denizli junction. When you reach here, you will see the turn sign for the road to Korkuteli district of Antalya. From here, take the Korkuteli road and follow the markers until you reach the district. If you are wondering how many kilometers you need to travel from Antalya to Korkuteli, you will travel 63 kilometers from Antalya to Korkuteli during a journey that takes approximately 1 hour. On the way, you will reach the Korkuteli route on the Antalya Kaş plateau road, leaving behind Güllük Mountain Termessos National Park, Söğütçük, Tatköy and İmrahor respectively.

– When you arrive in Korkuteli, your second destination to reach Kaş from here is the Elmalı district of Antalya. The answer to your question of how many kilometers (km) is from Korkuteli to Elmalı, is a wide and safe road that stretches for 62.2 km from Korkuteli to Elmalı via the D635 highway. You can reach Elmalı from Korkuteli in approximately 50 minutes.

– When you reach Antalya’s Elmalı district within the scope of our Antalya Kaş route directions, your last destination from here will be Kaş. If you are wondering how many kilometers are from Kaş to Elmalı, the shortest Kaş Elmalı road is 97.5 km from the Islamlar – Town direction.

The Antalya Korkuteli Elmalı road, where you can reach the magnificent sea view of Kaş by passing through the mountains and sometimes narrow forested roads, and stop and take a break in the cool plateaus of Antalya, is thus completed. Now, in our transportation guide to Kaş, we will talk about where is Kaş by showing Antalya Kaş road options on the map.

2. Dalaman Kas Road and Directions

You can find the fastest and safest directions to go from Dalaman Airport to Kas on the road map of Kalkanviptransfer.com to Kas. Dalaman Kas road has heavy vehicle traffic especially in summer season. It can be very crowded in the summer season, as transportation is also provided to other important tourism points of Turkey such as Göcek, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kalkan and Kaputaş Beach on the route.

The only way to reach Kas from Dalaman Airport is the D400 highway. After exiting from Dalaman Airport, you can easily reach Kaş by following the route given below.

-Leave Dalaman Airport and first proceed in the direction of Göcek on the D400 highway. You will complete the 18 km road between Dalaman and Göcek in approximately 25 minutes and reach Göcek.

-After reaching Göcek from Dalaman, your next destination on the Kaş route will be Fethiye. You will complete the 27 km road between Göcek and Fethiye on the D400 highway with a 30-minute journey and continue on the Kalkan-Kaş route on the D400 highway without entering the center of Fethiye.

-The important point you should pay attention to on the Kalkan-Kaş route is that after you pass Zorlar on the road, in order to proceed on the Antalya-Fethiye D400 road, you have to follow the Kaş sign from the junction and turn to the coastal route on the right. On the way to reach Kaş from Dalaman, your next destination will be the Kalkan town of Kaş. After completing the 123 km road between Dalaman and Kalkan and reaching Kalkan, you will have to take another half-hour journey back between Kaş and Kalkan.

You can take a short break and take a few souvenir photos at Kaputaş Beach, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world, on the D400 route, which is 25 km from Kas to Kalkan. From Kaputaş Beach, you will follow the road in the east direction and reach Kaş in about 20 minutes.

One of the important issues that those who want to go to Kaş wonder about is the distance to Kaş from important points. In this section of our article, you can find information about the shortest distances from the highway and how long it takes to reach Kaş, one of Turkey’s most important cities and tourism centers.

How Many Kilometers Between Antalya and Kas? How Many Hours Does the Road Take?

The distance between Antalya and Kaş from the coastline, which is the shortest route, is 189 km. From the coastal road, “How many hours does it take from Antalya to Kaş?” If you ask, you can go from Antalya to Kaş in 3 hours without taking too many breaks.

Another alternative route for Antalya Kaş distance is 211 km on the Antalya-Korkuteli-Elmalı-Kaş route, respectively. Although there is not much difference between it and the coastal road, since the road has more mountainous and narrower sections, it will make a difference in terms of transportation time and will take more than 3 hours.

Distances to Kaş, One of Antalya’s Important Tourism Centers

How many kilometers from Kemer to Kas? How many hours does it take?

The distance between Kemer and Kaş is 146 km, and it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes between Kemer and Kaş when traveling on the shortest route by car.

How many kilometers from Belek to Kas? How many hours does it take?

The distance between Belek and Kaş is 232 km, and when you take the shortest route, the journey between Belek and Kaş takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.

How many kilometers is it from Side to Kas? How many hours does it take?

The distance between Side and Kaş is 265 km and when traveling on the D400 highway, it takes 3 hours and 55 minutes to reach Kaş from Side.

How many kilometers and how many hours does it take from Alanya to Kaş?

The distance between Alanya and Kas is 325 km. If you are on holiday in Alanya and want to visit Kaş, you can reach Kaş from here with a journey that takes 4 hours and 45 minutes from Alanya to Kaş.

How Many Kms Between Dalaman and Kas? How Many Hours Does the Road Take?

The distance between Dalaman and Kas is 148 kilometers. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Kas is 150 kilometers. Dalaman Kas road is divided into round trips and it is a busy road during the summer season and a very secluded and safe road in other seasons of the year. The journey between Dalaman and Kaş takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, but during the tourist season, the time may be a little longer due to traffic density.

Distances and Arrival Times to Kaş, One of the Important Points of Turkey

How many kilometers from Ankara to Kas? How long does it take from Ankara to Kas?

The distance between Ankara and Kaş is 691 km and the transportation time from Ankara to Kaş is 8 hours.

How many kilometers from Istanbul to Kas? How long does it take to Kas from Istanbul?

The distance between Istanbul and Kas is 836 km, and the transportation time between Istanbul and Kas is approximately 10 hours.

How many kilometers is it from Izmir to Kas? How long does it take to get from Izmir to Kas?

The distance between İzmir and Kaş is a road of 437 km, and the road transportation time between İzmir and Kaş is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

How many kilometers is it from Adana to Kaş? How long does it take to get from Adana to Kaş?

The distance between Adana and Kas is 738 km. It takes 10 hours and 40 minutes to get from Adana to Kaş.

How many kilometers is it from Konya to Kaş? How many hours does it take from Konya to Kaş?

The distance between Konya and Kaş is 495 km, and the Konya Kaş road takes 6 hours and 45 minutes.

How many kilometers is it from Denizli to Kaş? How many hours does the road take?

The distance between Denizli and Kaş is 275 km and the road takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.

How many kilometers from Isparta to Kas? How long does it take to get from Isparta to Kaş?

The distance between Isparta and Kas is 283 km and it takes about 4 hours to reach Kas from Isparta.

How many kilometers from Bodrum to Kas? How long does it take to get from Bodrum to Kas?

The distance between Bodrum and Kaş is 336 km and the transportation from Bodrum to Kaş takes 4 hours and 30 minutes.

How many kilometers is it from Marmaris to Kas? How many hours does it take to travel from Marmaris to Kaş?

The distance between Marmaris and Kaş is 228 km and the time between Marmaris and Kaş is 3 hours.

How many kilometers is it from Kusadasi to Kas? What is the transportation time from Kuşadası to Kaş?

The distance between Kuşadası and Kaş is 384 km. The road from Kuşadası to Kaş takes 5 hours.

How many kilometers from Oludeniz to Kas? How long does it take to get from Ölüdeniz to Kaş?

The distance between Ölüdeniz and Kaş is 112 km, and the journey from Ölüdeniz to Kaş takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How to go to Kas?

Kaş is an important holiday center in Turkey, drawing the border between Antalya and Muğla, with its location at the westernmost tip of the Mediterranean Region. If you are planning to go to Kaş, which hosts millions of tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer season of the year, continue reading our guide article on ” How to get to Kaş? ” In our guide on how to get to Kaş, you will find useful information on how to get to Kaş from Antalya Airport or the city bus station, and how to get to Kaş from Dalaman Airport by plane to go to Kaş.

You have completed your reservation for your accommodation in Kaş, you have bought your flight ticket to go to Antalya Airport or Dalaman Airport, but have you thought , ” How do I get to Kaş from the airport where your plane will land? ” Here are many ways to get to Kas from the airport for those who will have a holiday in Kas:

1. How to go to Kas from Antalya?

If you want to have a wonderful holiday in Kas, you must first come to Antalya, Turkey’s tourism brand. There are regular flights to Antalya from all major airports in Turkey and the world. In order to go from Antalya to Kaş, if you wish, you can come to Antalya Airport by plane and go to Kaş from there, or if you are coming to Antalya by road, when your bus reaches Antalya bus station, you can go to Kaş from here with many different vehicle alternatives. In this part of our article, we will focus on the options for traveling from Antalya Airport and Antalya Bus Station to Kaş for those who ask, ” How to get from Antalya to Kaş?

1.1 How to get to Kas from Antalya Airport?

There are many answers to the question of how to get from Antalya Airport to Kaş. If you want to come to Antalya by plane and reach your holiday destination in Kaş comfortably and safely, there are a number of different travel alternatives such as transfer from Antalya Airport to Kaş, taxi, shuttle, car rental and bus services. Among these, the most preferred transportation method  is Antalya Airport Kas transfer services.

Now, we will discuss how to get from Antalya Airport to Kaş with the transportation methods we have mentioned, which transportation method has an advantage, and if any, disadvantages and risks. If you’re ready, let’s start.

1.1.1 Transportation to Kas with Antalya Airport Kas Transfers

At Antalya Airport, many local, national and global transfer companies provide transportation services between Antalya Airport and Kaş. If you want to get a transfer service, which is an extremely economical and comfortable transportation option, there are a few important points to consider. First of all, in order to go from Antalya Airport to Kaş, you need to make a reservation with a reliable transfer company before coming to Antalya. Making your reservation in advance  will provide you with the advantage of time to find a suitable company in terms of Kas transfer services and prices , and will also allow you to set off immediately so that when your plane lands at Antalya Airport, you can greet you and start your holiday without wasting time.

If you want to experience a first-class travel experience in your travels, you can also benefit from vip transfer services to Kaş 24/7 at Antalya Airport. In VIP transfer services, chauffeur-driven vehicles offered for your journey are more equipped and more luxurious compared to economic transfer alternatives, and will double the pleasure you will experience in your journey.

Antalya Airport has a very heavy passenger traffic especially in the summer season. We recommend that you make your reservation as early as possible in order not to face the problem of finding a car when traveling from Antalya Airport, where millions of tourists arrive by plane, to Kaş, especially due to the density of holidaymakers during the summer period.

1.1.2 Transportation to Kas by Renting a Car at Antalya Airport

When you arrive at Antalya Airport, one of your transportation alternatives to Kaş is car rental. Renting a car is a transportation method with a number of procedures, higher cost and a bit risky compared to other travel options to Kaş. If you are going to go to Kaş from Antalya Airport by traveling on Turkey’s most winding roads, especially during the summer season when the traffic is heavy, it would be useful to think twice about renting a car. If you are confident in yourself and prefer to go to Kaş by renting a car at Antalya Airport, saying it will be a special trip for you, there are also advantageous aspects. You can stop and take a break wherever you want, you can freely visit the places you want to visit during your holiday, and you can make your holiday by managing your time in line with your own plans. Especially if you are a large family and you are going to spend your holiday in Antalya Kas, we recommend you to review Antalya minibus rental options. You can find chauffeured minibus rental or driverless minibus rental services 24/7 at Antalya Airport. No matter what type of car rental you are going to make, having completed your reservation process before arriving at Antalya Airport will both provide an advantage in terms of cost and eliminate the risk of not being able to find a car when you arrive.

1.1.3 Traveling to Kaş with Antalya Airport Kaş Shuttle Service

Shuttle service, that is, shared service, is an economical option for traveling from Antalya Airport to Kas. Especially if your budget is limited and you are looking for a cheap way to travel between Antalya and Kaş, Antalya Airport to Kaş shuttle service is just for you. Shuttle transfer services are offered by minibuses and buses departing from Antalya Airport to Kaş at certain times of the day. If you want to go to Kas by shared minibuses and buses, you must make a reservation before arriving at Antalya Airport. Otherwise, it is very unlikely that you will find a seat in the shuttle service vehicles.

1.1.4 Travel to Kas with Antalya Airport Kas Taxi Option

Getting from Antalya to Kaş with the Antalya Airport Kaş taxi option is actually the easiest method of transportation you can find compared to all other alternatives. As in all airports in Turkey, finding a taxi in Antalya is an easy-to-access transportation option, as you will see it when you exit the arrivals gate after you get off the plane and collect your luggage. However, choosing a taxi for your journey between Antalya Airport and Kaş may have both advantages and disadvantages.

Without the need for a reservation, the fact that you can find it as soon as you leave the airport, get on the vehicle and set off can provide an advantage in terms of time and availability. But while Antalya Airport provides transportation with Kaş taxis, a few important details should not be overlooked. Taxi fares in Turkey are quite high and when you consider the distance between Antalya Airport and Kaş, you may face a substantial fee. Before you set off, solving the price issue will prevent big costs. Another important detail about Antalya Kas taxi fare is the pricing according to the taximeter calculation. That is, if you do not know how to get from Antalya to Kaş, if you have not traveled from Antalya to Kaş before, and if the taxi driver you take says I will get the money, whatever the taximeter says, You must be very careful. You may encounter transportation costs that can turn your holiday into a nightmare due to the deliberate lengthening of the road by the driver, the long time you can spend in heavy traffic, and even the adjustment of the taximeter in the vehicle.

Taxi transportation from Antalya Airport to Kaş, which normally costs more than 3 times the cost of an airport transfer service with an economical vehicle, is the last method to be preferred when faced with difficulties. Moreover, when we consider that very old and neglected vehicles are still used by amateur drivers in the taxi industry in Turkey, it is useful not to forget the risk of encountering unpleasant situations in terms of comfort and safety.

1.1.5 Antalya Airport Kaş Havaş (Antalya Airport Kaş Bus)

Havaş provides transportation services at Antalya Airport as well as at many important airports in Turkey. Havaş is one of the most searched companies on the internet by those who want to reach Kaş with Antalya Airport Kaş bus options. Havaş, which is researched by those who say how to get from Antalya to Kaş with a limited budget, unfortunately does not provide bus transportation on the Antalya Kaş route. Therefore, especially if you have a limited budget and want to go to Kaş in the most economical way,  Antalya airport transfers or shuttle minibuses will be the best decision to provide a cheap way of transportation.

1.2 How to go to Kas from Antalya Bus Station?

You chose the road alternative and you came to Antalya bus station, how to get to Kaş from Antalya bus station, what are the most economical, safest and most comfortable transportation options? Here is the answer!

There are many companies that go to Kaş from Antalya bus station and carry out public passenger transportation by minibuses and buses. If you want to go to Kaş from Antalya bus station by making an economical journey, you can choose the minibuses and buses that serve Antalya Kaş 24/7.

However, if your comfort, safety and quality expectations are more important for your transportation from Antalya bus station to Kaş, you can benefit from Antalya Kaş transfer services. You can contact us from the contact information of our company to get detailed information about Kas transfers, a special transportation service offered with the latest model vehicles and professional drivers, or to make a reservation. We meet you at the Antalya bus station and provide your transportation to Kaş 24/7 with the assurance of comfort, security and quality travel.

How to go to Kas from Dalaman?

In terms of distance and travel time, the answers to the questions of how to get from Dalaman to Kaş and how to get to Kaş from Dalaman Airport are the same. There are a number of transportation alternatives for passengers arriving at Dalaman Airport by plane to go to Kaş. Dalaman Kas transfer services, Dalaman Airport Kas taxi service and Dalaman Kas shuttle services that go between Dalaman Airport and Kas in certain periods of the year are exemplary transportation methods. If you want to travel more freely during your holiday in Kaş and provide transportation to Kaş with a private car that you can drive, you can also get a car rental service at Dalaman airport.

Dalaman Kas transfer service stands out as a personalized transportation option. It is the most preferred travel alternative for transportation from Dalaman to Kas. Transfers between Dalaman and Kas are usually made by Mercedes Vito vip minibuses or optionally sedan cars. Dalaman Airport Kas transfer service is carried out by professional drivers who have many years of experience on the regional roads and speak a foreign language, offering a comfortable, safe and economical journey together. Providing service at many airports with the heaviest passenger traffic in terms of tourism in Turkey, Kalkanviptransfer.com has been serving those who want to reach Kas from Dalaman Airport for many years. Kalkanviptransfer.com, which offers Kas transfer services to domestic and foreign tourists coming to Dalaman Airport from many countries of the world by plane.

When it comes to transportation between Dalaman and Kaş by taxi, the distance you will go and the price you will pay are not proportional. If you are searching for Dalaman-Kaş taxi fare, the prices you see on the internet may not be close to the prices you will encounter on the taximeter when you take a taxi and reach Kaş. Instead of paying a very high taxi fare between Dalaman and Kaş for a not very comfortable journey with old type cars and panel van type vehicles that are usually out of date, it is better to get a private chauffeured transfer service with very comfortable vip minibuses or sedan cars at fixed prices, compared to a taxi. it will be a more economical and safer transportation solution in terms of budget.

Another transportation option offered at Dalaman Airport for those who want to go to Kaş is the shuttle transfer service, also known as shared public transportation. Dalaman Kaş shuttle companies provide service during the year only in the summer season, at certain times of the day. Shuttle transfer is offered by minibus type vehicles and midibuses from Dalaman to Kas. Especially for those who are planning a journey with a limited budget and looking for a solution to the problem of how to get from Dalaman to Kaş with the most affordable prices, the most right choice will be the shuttle transfer option.

If you are wondering about Havaş, Havaş provides service at Dalaman Airport. However, the most extreme route of Havaş is Fethiye. For this reason, if you want to find out if Havaş is operating from Dalaman Airport to Kaş by calling Dalaman Kaş Havaş, unfortunately, the company does not provide service on the Kaş route. As an alternative to Havaş, while the shuttle transfer service in Dalaman is an economical alternative at the same level, you can increase the comfort and quality of your journey to Kaş and have a pleasant travel experience by taking Dalaman Kaş private transfer service.

If you are one of those who want to have the key of freedom in my pocket during my holiday, and travel as I wish, both by walking and resting, the most correct answer to the question ” How to get from Dalaman to Kaş? ” would be to get Dalaman car rental service. If you are going to travel as a large family, you can rent a minibus in Dalaman, if you are a nuclear family, you can rent a car and reach Kaş, or you can travel to the fullest without limiting yourself to places to visit in Kaş.

Places to Visit in Kas

As we approach the finale of our article, where we explain the location of Antalya’s district Kaş, with many different perspectives, for those who wonder where Kaş is, and the subject of Antalya Kaş transportation, different travel options for the question of how to get from Dalaman and Antalya to Kaş. We will briefly touch on the subject of places to visit in Kaş. If you are going for a holiday to Kaş, which is one of the most important civilization heritages of Antalya in terms of history, culture and tourism, there are countless touristic places that you can visit by yourself or by taking a tour, as well as ruins that have survived from the past to the present. We briefly list the most important places that must be seen in Kaş.


  • Lion Sarcophagus-King’s Tomb
  • Patara Ancient City and Patara Beach
  • Xanthos Ancient City
  • Saint Nicholas Church (St. Nicholas – Santa Claus Church)
  • Antiphellos Ancient Theater
  • Saklikent Canyon
  • Ucagiz Village
  • Kaleköy-Simena Ancient City
  • Kekova and the Sunken City
  • Kalkan Town
  • Meis Island
  • Kaputas Beach
  • Akcagerme Beach
  • Big Pebble Beach
  • Small Pebble Beach